Keto Coaching

If you need help starting out on the ketogenic diet, Keto Domain is here to help.   Try out one of our Keto Coaching Programs.  We have a range of levels from inexpensive self-guided 30 day plans to premium hands-on coaching.

Our Approach to the Keto Diet

To us, the ketogenic diet is a change of life and new way of approaching food.  You first need to realize you won't be eating the same way as 99% of people on the planet.  At the beginning, it won't be easy, which is why we recommend starting out with one of our Keto Meal Plans to help you get accustomed to your new way of eating and cooking.  You will have to learn to cook with more fat than you ever thought healthy, while removing carbohydrate-rich staples from your diet.

The ketogenic diet is not for the short term, although you can start to see benefits in the first week.  At Keto Domain we recommend at least a one month commitment to the keto diet.  Depending on the person, some benefits of ketosis won't be felt until the 3 or 4 week mark.  But once you feel some of the more significant benefits around this time, you'll be hooked and you'll see why we ask for that commitment.

In addition, at the beginning of keto you are not yet fat adapted, so you won't get any benefits if you try to eat high fat, low carb for only a few days here and there.  It needs to be full blown keto for a few weeks to a month until you are fat adapted.

In the beginning, there will be food temptations and plenty of people to tell you what you're doing is unhealthy - NEWSFLASH: it's perfectly healthy if you do it correctly.  It will be important for you to remember why you started the ketogenic diet in the first place.  This leads us to a question you should consider...

Why are you interested in the ketogenic diet? 

You found us for a reason and probably a good one.  Whether it is because you...

  • just can't lose weight with a regular diet,
  • can't maintain your weight loss with a regular diet,
  • are looking to improve your health in other aspects (ie, diabetes or more energy), or
  • are fighting a disease (ie, brain neurodegenerative) looking for alternative therapy aides.

You should have a WHY for starting the ketogenic diet because as we said above, it's not that easy.  You need your motivating factor to start this diet.  It doesn't have to be complicated, and it is all you need to get started with our Ketogenic Diet Coaching Program.  Some examples of WHY's:

  • To lose weight so I can be more active with my kids
  • To lose weight so I can be proud of how I look
  • To gain control of my over-eating
  • To reverse my insulin resistance
  • To have more energy to focus on work
  • Alzheimer's runs in my family and I want to prevent it
  • I am currently at risk for cardiovascular disease
  • I have PCOS and am having a hard time getting pregnant
  • I am a distance runner and my joints hurt every time I run because of inflammation

Although the diet is not yet mainstream, there's many reasons people eventually find the ketogenic diet and use it to transform their life.

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live."

The quote above by Jim Rohn says a lot about our coaching perspective on keto.  With our Keto Coaching Program, you will let go of eating for satisfaction and instead will learn to eat to fuel your body.  You will learn to appreciate the food you eat.

If you've ever known an athlete dedicated to achieving the top levels of their sport, you know how important food and health is to them.  But why does every person not treat their body this way?  Is your body not something you value for its ability to get you through a work day and then through tasks after work?  Have you lost sight of the fact that you need your body to survive, and it survives off the food and way you eat?  (FYI, if you've noticed your problems with losing weight are psychological, we tackle these types of issues in our Keto Coaching Program)

It's not only athletes that need to eat to fuel their activities; people in all walks of life should eat to fuel their life.  People deserve to have energy to get through the work day, but also to enjoy life after play with their kids without being exhausted, to exercise without joint pain caused by joint inflammation or excess weight.. to have energy past 5pm!

To us, although you are eating in a different way than you are used to, you don't have to be deprived.  Our recipes in our Keto Coaching Program are delicious and taste like a normal meal.  You'll be able to cook dinner for 2 or 4 that they will actually like, while only one of you is technically on the ketogenic diet.

Our Approach To Coaching

At the Keto Domain, it’s not just about dieting.  It’s about an overall lifestyle change.  For most people the ketogenic diet is about weight loss.  For others, it may be more challenging health problems like brain injuries.  In any case, there's more to improving your health than just eating low-carb, high fat foods.  Changing one part of your life while keeping the rest of your life unhealthy will not help in the long run.

A healthy lifestyle is not just about eating right, nor is it just about exercise.

There’s an emotional and mental aspect as well.  We want you to come out of this Keto Coaching Program a transformed, healthier person.

Maybe you overeat because you’re bored.  Or you snack when you’re nervous.  Or you eat right most of the time, but when you start to feel healthy and lose weight, you do a little thing called “self-sabotage”.

At The Keto Domain, we want to break all these bad habits.  We want you in the best physical, emotional and mental well-being states you can be in!  We want you to conquer any psychological issues that are preventing you from being your best self.  When you’re in your best shape, you can give your best YOU to all the people you encounter throughout the day.

We’re here to instill good habits for eating, exercise and life.

Focuses of our Keto Coaching Programs:

1) Initial Evaluation including:

Caloric and Macronutrient calculations

Physical Health Questionnaire

Overall Health Questionnaire

2) Ketogenic Diet Meal Plans


3) Weekly Grocery Lists for Meal Plans

4) Exercise Recommendations

5) Overall Wellness Target Exercises

Currently we are NOT taking one on one coaching clients. However, our self guided 30 day keto weight loss program - KetoRevive - is a fantastic program for guidance. Check it out!